USA Dance (Northern) Chapter #2039


Welcome to our USA Dance Northern Illinois chapter. We have a dance every 4th Saturday (that exact date will be listed in the calendar). This dance always includes a lesson, 2 mixers, 3 sets of planned music (with a list of dances) & most of the time there is some type of exhibition of great ballroom dancing. Our dance is held at the Boone County Community Complex.

If any of the aforementioned dance are cancelled it will be listed as cancelled on our calendar. A great place to keep up & socialize with dance friends is our Facebook page

If any of our own dances get cancelled and we are not given notice as such; we will not be held responsible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Obviously in the winter months it can get pretty bad on the roads. We may not cancel (because we can not give proper notice) BUT IF IT'S TOO BAD ON THE ROADS FOR YOU PLEASE DO NOT RISK YOUR SAFETY.

Thanks for checking our calendar.